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Athleticism through Wushu

Wushu is a great activity to develop the ABC'S of athleticism: AGILITY, BALANCE, COORDINATION & SPEED

People choose to participate in Martial Arts for many reasons whether it be, culture, self-defense, general fitness or the inspiration of Hollywood & Hong Kong Action Cinema. The main goal of participation in any activity is to attain a sense of achievement and motivation towards a continuum of self improvement. No one is born knowing the martial arts, or any other activity for that matter. Everyone young and old acquires physical skills and confidence through a learning environment provided for them through life experiences. Wushu programs are idea means to providing the this regardless of age, gender or background and provides an exciting way to develop the basis of physical literacy, running, jumping and throwing.

Children - Movement is a child’s first language. Without learning the basic movement skills before adolescent growth, a child will have difficulty participating in any activity. The basic movement skills of wushu (striking, blocking, kicking, jumping and stances) provides an essential base for all other sports.

Adults and Children - As an enhancement to physical skills already acquired through life experiences, Wushu allows individuals to refine specific physical skills into self-defense applicable situations and in addition provides an outlet to develop confidence, discipline and awareness.

In general, WushuOntario recognized clubs participate in the Canadian Sport For Life Movement which was started in 2005 with Sport Canada. The Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model that was developed by the leaders of the Canadian Sport for Life Movement describes the things kids need to be doing at specific ages and stages in their development and focuses on how participants and athletes can optimize to their full potential of developmental training if introduced at the right critical stages in life. With proper guidance coupled with the right stage of development forms the fundamental principle to success of all athletes, from beginners to World Champions and Olympians.

The LTAD relates to Wushu Martial Arts Programming in many ways as it is the goal of all sports related activities to maximize the potential of each participant's physical abilities and to enhance the long term benefits of self-improvement and confidence to learn.

WushuOntario together with WushuCanada, and the Chinese Wushu Association have developed the Wushu LTAD model to aid teachers and students attain the most out of their martial arts experience.